Diversity Statement 

At Maxim Healthcare Services, we are committed to diversity and its importance in our organizational purpose: Caring, Serving, Enriching Lives.

We are a community of patients, caregivers, customers, and Maxim team members that represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures.

We recognize, respect, and celebrate these differences not as points of division, but rather as guideposts for improving the lives of others. We recognize that this mutual trust and respect is paramount to the realization of our full business and human potential. We will be steadfast in our promotion of diversity throughout our organization, understanding that our level of excellence and success is directly tied to our ability to acknowledge and understand diversity of culture and thought.

Diversity and inclusion will be woven into the fabric of our overall company culture so that we may attract and retain effective and diverse talent to successfully deliver the quality and responsible care and service that is at the core of our company’s mission and purpose.

What diversity and inclusion means to us

Our D&I Board talks about the importance of our commitment to welcoming everyone to the Maxim family.