Benefits of MaximCare Mobile®

  •  Greater billing accuracy as visit/shift information is transferred securely into our EMR system as verified time is recorded without manual data entry. 
  • Provides real time access to shift information . 
  • Provides a more efficient way to manage patient records. 
  • Reduces paper – everything is captured electronically, which reduces the risk of personal patient information being stolen.
  • Greater prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse, as the geo tracking feature captures the location of the caregiver when they clock in, clock out, and when the patient signature is obtained.  
  • Improves patient experience as it allows Maxim to better manage its caregivers to arrive on time.
  • Improves the caregiver experience as it provides more convenient way to document and transfer visit/shift information.    
  • Greater care plan adherence as the application lists ADLs specific to the patient’s individual care plan.