Caregiver Testimonials

young woman looking at phone
“The MaximCare Mobile App is so simple to use and a huge help for turning in timesheets into the office. The visit tracker feature is especially nice in ensuring I am on the same page with the office on which patients I am supposed to see day today. It’s become a valuable resource in my employment with Maxim!"

“I am a very happy employee when it comes to the new MaximCare Mobile app. Not dealing with paperwork and less traveling back and forth to the office. I just love the app." 

“It is so awesome that I don't have to drive an hour to drop off paperwork. Just scan work then mail it in after it's approved. Easy.”

“The app is a lifesaver.  I love that I can perform my visits electronically, which eliminates the need for me to get my paper timesheets to the office.”



Local Office Testimonials

"MaximCare Mobile has really had a positive impact on the caregivers that use it in our office. They feel like we are trying to make things easier for them and putting their best interests in mind. I can’t even begin to describe how much they were loving not having to drive to the office to turn in their timesheets!  And they always talk about how easy it is to use!”

Smiling female doctor listens to patient
“We have a caregiver who lives an hour and a half to two hours away. She was paying 8 dollars a week to overnight her timesheets to our office to ensure they would get here in time for us to process. Now, because of the Maxim Care Mobile application, she saves 8 dollars a week and knows she will be paid for the shifts she has worked! Our southern caregivers are very grateful for the app!”