What Our Team Members Think

male nurse
They took me on as a new nurse, trained me and have worked with my schedule, my needs and always maintained communication. Jason C., Maine
caregiver and patient
I feel respected and valued for my contribution which makes an already rewarding job that much more satisfying! Selena V., Pennsylvania
happy nurse with co worker
Graduating school made me a nurse, but working with the staff & clients at Maxim is what made me a real nurse! Nettie D., North Carolina
older male doctor with team
I had retired from my full time job and Maxim afforded me the opportunity to work part time with very flexible hours. Donald R., New York
a team of nurses starting their work day
My recruiter is phenomenal to work with, super accommodating & always there to help. I've been traveling for 7 years and this is the best company I've ever worked for! Sergio S., New Jersey
happy to be working
I chose this company at the start of my nursing career and I've loved working for them! Jenness W., Utah
male caregiver and patient
They (Maxim) treat their employees very well, and the program managers and recruiters are always available to answer any questions I may have. Jorge S., Maryland
smiling male nurse
Absolutely the best place for a health care person to work. Just an amazing group and am blessed to be a part of it. Derek E., North Carolina
a tech at work
Been a Maxim nurse in various roles for 8 years and really do enjoy working with the great staff and other nurses! Debbie G., Washington
a dr meeting with his team
I am so grateful for the encouragement and unwavering support I received from Maxim in helping me get back into the clinical setting. David G., Maryland