Keep your Employees Safe with Point-of-Entry Health and Temperature Checks

Whether you are preparing to re-open or operating as an essential business, let us help keep your workforce safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Take some of the burden off your own team during an already-stressful time. We are ready to support all businesses, large or small, set up an effective Point of Entry (POE) screening program today.  

How do Point-of-Entry (POE) screenings work?

  1. Kick-off starts with a consultation for logistics planning and pre-program implementation.
  2. We will recruit and staff quality healthcare professionals to deliver your POE screens.
  3. Our staff will screen all individuals who enter your designated screening site.
  4. A series of pre-screen health questions will be made available for the employee to complete before entering your temperature screen area.
  5. Your company will receive daily screening data, including post-shift review and PPE assessments.


Put the health and safety of your employees first.  With our extensive database of healthcare professionals backed by a strong clinical infrastructure, we are better prepared to partner with you in your healthcare crisis response.

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