Vaccination Staffing

The Federal government has tasked state and local health departments with supporting the COVID-19 Vaccine Program Implementation. Maxim Healthcare Staffing has the experience and national coverage to assist you with your COVID-19 vaccination process.

Strategic Consulting. A critical component to the success of these plans is appropriate staffing. At Maxim Healthcare Staffing, we specialize in partnering with state and local health departments to consult on services such as:

  •  Alternate staffing models
  • Ratio-based staffing levels
  •  Industry best practices

Flexible Staffing Model. There are still many unknowns when it comes to the vaccine. Maxim provides a flexible staffing model to meet any facility’s needs. We provide you with key supplemental staffing needed to administer vaccine doses:

  • RNs
  • LPNs
  • Pharmacists
  • Data Entry
  • Administrative

National Coverage, Local Relationships. Throughout the pandemic, Maxim has worked with numerous states and counties to provide staff for healthcare facilities, clinics, schools, worksites, and mobile sites to provide COVID-related services. 

  •  Maryland: Maxim provided more than 300 staff for a pandemic surge hospital in less than a month. 
  •  New Hampshire: Since May, we’ve served as the state’s sole contact tracer staffing partner.
  • Indiana and Pennsylvania: We partnered with a major global athletic company to provide temperature screenings for their employees upon coming to work.  
Let Maxim Healthcare Staffing be your strategic partner to help with the administration of the vaccine. Call us or we'll call you for a free consultation.