Are You Ready To Go Paperless in 2020?

To improve experience and support effective social distancing, we have developed a free mobile time card submission and approval platform. Introducing: Timeclock, a secure, web-based platform. Employees conveniently complete time cards via computer, tablet or smartphone and employers receive time sheets emailed to them weekly for e-approval.

 How it Works

  1. Employees add time to their timesheets during the work week
  2. Their time is submitted to a designated approver after their last shift of the week
  3. Approver approves timesheet aaand done.

The Benefits

  • Mobile optimized
  • Minimal set up
  • Simple to use
  • Allows set up of multiple worksites
  • Audit trail for approvals
  • Archived timesheets
  • FREE
  • Did we mention paperless?

If it seems too good to be true- it's just because it's here to make your life easier! Maxim Timeclock is designed to streamline the collection, review, and approval process for timesheets. We also offer different features for capturing time.

timeclock comparison grid



Want to see it in action?  From login to timecard approval in three easy steps!


timeclock login


managing time cards


time card queue


Do you want to know how Maxim Timeclock can fit into your business?

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a tech at work
“I am very happy when it comes to the new online Timeclock. Not dealing with paperwork and less traveling back and forth to the office. I just love it.” Current Maxim Caregiver
happy client
“Maxim TimeClock is super easy and there is no paper! Electronic Timecards are always legible. Timecard Approvers click a button and it is done.” Current Maxim Customer