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Flu Shot Clinics

Keep your employees healthy and productive. Our flu shot clinics allow you to offer immunization without compromising daily operations. We coordinate and perform everything from setup to cleanup, including managing vaccine inventory, supervising clinical personnel, and facilitating billing and reporting.

To learn more about our flu and wellness clinics and contact our flu and wellness department, follow the link below.

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Wellness Programs

Our vast network of offices throughout the country play a vital role in the execution of wellness programs at your multi-location events. Local offices act as distribution and program management hubs for our supplies, equipment and consent forms. This infrastructure allows us to provide turnkey wellness events that increase the efficiency of all client programs. Our office teams live and work in the local community they serve and will understand the unique needs of your employees. 

Maxim nurses and technicians are experienced professionals trained to identify borderline, risky and critical biometric screening values. They do not treat or diagnose, but are able to assist participants in accessing their primary care provider, accessing emergency services, and by making initial recommendations regarding diet, exercise and follow-up with the participant's primary care provider. All interventions are thoroughly documented.