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Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity

For more than three decades, our commitment to our patients and clients is to provide the best care possible. This commitment has helped us become a leading provider of healthcare services across the nation. To that end, we adhere to ethical business practices, all applicable clinical, regulatory, and legal standards, our policies and procedures, and our Code of Conduct. Our Compliance Department is designed to support Maxim’s business needs while providing guidance to all employees and contractors regarding our ongoing commitment to conduct its affairs in accordance with applicable laws, standards and sound ethical business practices.

Our compliance program is comprehensive and designed to align with the Office of Inspector General’s Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program and the compliance recommendations outlined in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations by the United States Sentencing Commission. Our compliance program operates independently of operations and is led by a chief compliance officer who reports directly to the Board Compliance Committee.

It is our goal to continually find ways to strengthen our compliance infrastructure and program so that each and every one of our employees are consistently living up to our commitment to our patients, clients, insurers and each other. Our compliance program has received five Best Practice awards from the Health Ethics Trust, a division of the Council of Ethical Organizations. Our Best Practice awards were for processes related to auditing and monitoring, compliance investigations, compliance education and training, claims testing and legal billing analysis review.

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