For the past ten years, Maxim Healthcare has recognized caregivers who embody our values and demonstrate excellence through our Caregiver of the Year program. The annual program rewards caregivers for their overall contribution and commitment to delivering quality care to their colleagues, and most of all, the patients and families they serve. We receive over 160 nominations from office leaders across the country each year for caregivers deserving this award.

We recently named the National award after Maxim Healthcare’s former Chief Medical Officer, John “Doc” Langley, in recognition of his significant contributions to improving the caregiver and patient experience. You can view all of our past winners and nominees below. We encourage you to read or watch their stories.

2021 National Caregiver of the Year nominees

These caregivers have been named Maxim Healthcare's regional winners for the 2021 Caregiver of the Year program and they are now in the running to be named our National Caregiver of the Year!

Dec 8, 2021
Sharon Verreault Named North Region Caregiver of the Year

Sharon Verreault is a registered nurse and has spent...

Dec 8, 2021
Sarah Endy Named West Region Caregiver of the Year

Sarah Endy is a registered nurse based out of...

Dec 8, 2021
Donna Irving Named South Region Caregiver of the Year

Maxim Healthcare Group has named licensed practical nurse Donna...

Recent Caregiver of the Year winners

Gerayne Yelkin, LPN from Omaha, NE, has been named Maxim Healthcare’s 2020 National Caregiver of the Year. Gerayne has been a nurse for more than five decades and has spent 28 of those years caring for her patient, Josie Moore. Josie was a victim of a spinal injury during birth, which resulted in her being ventilator-dependent and quadriplegic.

Mireille Rogers, LPN, has been named National Caregiver of the Year. Nominated by the Taunton, MA office, Mireille is recognized for her outstanding commitment to her patient, Jocie. Watch the video to see how Mireille’s clinical skills and quick thinking ultimately saved Jocie’s life.

Susan Scott, LPN, has been named the 2018 National Caregiver of the Year. After losing her husband, Andy, to ALS, Susan moved from Boston to Virginia and applied to work as a Maxim Healthcare Services caregiver in Woodbridge. Susan was assigned to her patient, Rick, and learned that he, too, needed around-the-clock care due to his ALS. After overcoming her trepidation, she realized their pairing was all a part of the universe’s grand plan.