With so many content creators on social media, it can be hard to figure out who to follow. In the last decade, the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community has broken barriers, brought awareness, and has initiated global acceptance movements. Here’s some of the top influencers in the autism community right now you should be following.

Daniel Jones (@theaspieworld)
YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

With over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, UK-based Daniel Jones educates and empowers his audience on living with a disability and is one of the leading voices in the autism community today.

Jones was diagnosed with autism at the age of 26 years old and much of his content surrounds non-medical education on how to explore a potential diagnosis as an adult as well as providing information on thriving amongst a disability later in life. His YouTube channel is dedicated solely to help audiences understand autism from the perspective of a person with autism – rather than from the medical industry. By hearing the autism experience directly from the source, it ensures an accurate representation and inclusivity of those on the spectrum.

Aside from his content creation on socials, Jones is also an international bestselling author of Become the Force, the first and only self-help guide on living life the Jedi way, a Star Wars-based philosophy for those striving to seek their greatest potential.

Chris Bonnello (@autisticnotweird)
Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Chris Bonnello is an author, international speaker, autism advocate, and creator of the autism acceptance Instagram account, Autistic Not Weird, which contains a mix of first account autism experiences with educational autism content. Bonnello is also a multi-award winning writer of the Underdogs novels, a near-future war series featuring neurodiverse  (those characterized by neurologically atypical thoughts or behavior) heroes.

While assessed for autism at the age of four, Bonnello’s symptoms were not deemed severe enough for a diagnosis. He grew up thinking he was simply ‘weird’ until he received his Asperger Syndrome diagnosis at 25, which brought upon a newfound understanding of his differences. Since then, he has overcame obstacles of his diagnosis and encourages his audience to see their own strengths through.

Haley Moss (@haley.moss)
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Haley was the first woman open with autism to pass the Florida Bar Exam and become an licensed attorney in the state of Florida – if not the country. Today, Moss is also an author, artist, and advocate for the greater neurodiverse community.

Moss has broken barriers and brought widespread awareness to the possibilities and potential of those on the spectrum. Diagnosed with autism at the age of three, Moss states frequently she never felt restrained by her disability; her parents would continue to support her determination throughout her upbringing. In addition to her role as an attorney, Moss is also an organizational consultant, educating organizations on the benefits of dismantling disability bias and promoting inclusive spaces in and out of the workplace. On social media, Haley frequently advocates for disability diversity and promoting confidence within the autism community.

Moss is the author of Great Minds Think Differently: Neurodiversity for Lawyers and Other Professionals, which explores how understanding of neurodiverse perspectives and perspectives of the world around us allow for a more inclusive and empathetic legal culture and profession. Moss hosts her podcast along with Dr. Lori Butts, licensed clinical psychologist and fellow attorney, geared toward women on the autism spectrum.

Lyric Holmans (@neurodivergentrebel)
YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Lyric Holmans is a writer, educator, and speaker. Holmans’ 2018 #TakeTheMaskOff campaign to raise awareness about the stress of feeling the need to “mask” or hide your signs of autism and to celebrate neurodiversity. They also pioneered the #askingautistic hashtag, which explored everyday autism experiences such as self-stimulation, communication, and accommodations – allowing those autism to respond with their perspectives.

Holmans runs Neurodivergent Consulting, a consulting agency that works with businesses to ensure inclusion of nuerodivergent employees the opportunity to implement their unique skillsets and perspectives among organizations. With Holmans’ online discussions around autism and delegation for inclusive work spaces, they’re driving allies and a wider understanding of the autism experience.

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