No matter how prepared you are to enter the field of nursing, starting your career can be challenging. Transitioning from hypothetical coursework to working with real patients and families can be a huge leap. If you’re a nursing student or recent graduate thinking about that first job, look no further than Maxim’s Novice Nurse Program.

What does the Novice Nurse Program entail?

This program provides one year of paid hands-on learning experience and support to RNs, LPNs and LVNs in a home health setting. Once you enroll in the program, our team partners you with an experienced nurse who offers you real-time feedback, training opportunities and mentorship. Through this partnership, you’ll further develop your nursing knowledge and skillset to become a more competent, confident nurse.

How does the program benefit your career?

1. Gain practical nursing experience and be prepared for patient emergencies

One of the most unnerving parts of starting your first nursing job is knowing how to manage patient emergencies. Through a combination of on-the-job training and one-on-one mentorship with a veteran nurse, you’ll leave the program with a comprehensive nursing skillset necessary for handling patient emergencies. Take Michelle Dudzik, LPN with Maxim Healthcare Services, for example. In 2021, once Dudzik graduated and earned her nursing degree, she enrolled in Maxim’s Novice Nurse Program. “After a few months in the program, I was able to learn and adjust to different scenarios and emergencies,” says Dudzik. “I have my preceptor as well as my other supervisors as my support. When an emergency arises out in the field and I have a question, I’m able to get a fast response from them.”

This exact scenario happened to Dudzik shortly after enrolling in the program. While en route from the hospital to a patient’s home, Dudzik’s patient began to aspirate, and his oxygen levels dropped. Dudzik used her ventilator skills test knowledge to correctly treat the patient, while also consulting a respiratory therapy team on the phone. Thanks to her skill set and help from her mentors, Dudzik’s response to the emergency saved her patient’s life.

2. Grow your knowledge with training opportunities

The Novice Nurse Program also provides access to several training and specialty skill advancement opportunities, like the ones Dudzik used to save her patient’s life. “There are lots of online trainings that I can access to refresh my knowledge,” says Dudzik. “I really utilized specific trainings for feeding tubes and ventilators since I mainly work with pediatric patients.” Instead of jumping straight into a job without much support, the program allows you to gain training in a clinical lab setting and gradually progress from supervised home care to independence. You’ll quickly advance from introductory home care to advanced skill training like ventilator management and specialized pediatric training.

3. Receive mentorship and guidance from an experienced nurse

By partnering you with an experienced nurse to serve as your mentor, the Novice Nurse Program allows you to quickly pick up new skills and knowledge and advance your career. Your mentor’s presence can also help put you at ease during some of your first patient interactions. “My supervisor came with me on the first few visits to each new patient,” says Dudzik. “It was wonderful not going in by myself and having someone with more than 20 years of experience with me, giving me advice. It gave me confidence to succeed.”

4. Quickly advance in the home health field

“This program opened the door for me into home health care,” says Dudzik. “To even be considered as a candidate for a home health job, you usually need one or two years of experience, but because of this program I could get my feet wet right away.” Not only did Dudzik advance her career through the Novice Nurse Program, but she also says she found her ‘calling.’ “I like being in a home setting where the patient is comfortable, and I get to be with my patients all day and see them grow,” she says.

Navigating your first years out of school can be a challenge. Maxim’s Novice Nurse program provides essential hands-on learning, real-time feedback, and mentorship to set you up for success. Ready to start your nursing career in home health? Reach out to your local office today to learn more.

*All patient information is used with permission.