Whether you’re considering care for yourself or a loved one, deciding between home healthcare or a nursing home can seem like a difficult choice between comfort and convenience. However, for many individuals and families, home healthcare provides significant benefits over facility care that often gets overlooked. With personalized, compassionate services delivered in the familiar surroundings of home, home healthcare allows patients to receive quality medical treatment while maintaining independence, dignity and quality of life. This blog post will explore three key advantages of choosing home healthcare instead of nursing homes so families can make the best decision for their care with clinical needs and personal well-being in mind.

1. Home healthcare is generally cheaper than nursing home care.

One of the most significant advantages of home health over nursing facilities is that it is generally cheaper. Why? Nursing home fees cover housing, meals, utilities, recreation and other expenses on top of skilled care, while home health only covers skilled care. On average, home-based care is about 42% cheaper than facility care.

It is important to note that the cost of home-based care varies based on your location and the level of care required.

2. Home healthcare allows you more control over your care.

Nursing homes are staffed by various nurses, nursing assistants, clinical supervisors, custodial staff and more. As a patient, you will have little control over the staff assigned to you- although they should be assigned based on your care needs, they may not be a fit for you. To make matters worse, The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported a turnover rate of 52% of nursing staff per year and 94% of turnover for all roles – meaning that your care staff will likely change as you are getting used to them. In facilities with high turnover rates, the remaining staff members may be overwhelmed and burned out.

If you use home healthcare services, you will be paired with a nurse or nursing team that fits your lifestyle and family. If they are not a fit, most home health care companies, including Maxim, will find another nurse who meets your needs better. While turnover does happen in home healthcare, you will be informed of upcoming changes to your nurses’ schedules and can find a new nurse.

3. Home healthcare allows you to stay in familiar surroundings.

Most people would prefer to receive skilled care at home in familiar surroundings than in a facility. A 2023 Gallup poll reported that seven in ten U.S. adults would be very or somewhat uncomfortable with being admitted to a nursing home if they could no longer care for themselves. The top reasons for their concerns were quality of care, cost and fear of losing independence. In addition, women also reported being concerned about a lack of privacy and concerns over physical safety.

Receiving care at home means being in close contact with relatives, pets and loved ones. Many conditions requiring skilled care can be isolating, and close contact with your support system can improve outcomes and keep your spirits high. Home health care can also help you maintain routines such as attending religious services.

In conclusion, home healthcare offers several advantages over nursing homes for individuals and families seeking care. By providing cost-effective options, allowing for more control over treatment, and delivering services in comfortable, familiar surroundings, home healthcare offers the best of both worlds – quality medical treatment and personalized care tailored to individual needs.

At Maxim Healthcare Services, we understand the benefit of receiving specialized care in your home. We offer a variety of home health and personal care services for adult and pediatric patients across the country. Contact your local office to learn more about the services available in your area!