In 2023, Tina Paradise-Hall celebrated five years working as an LPN for Maxim Healthcare Services, and in addition to commemorating this achievement we are celebrating Tina being named our South Region Caregiver of the Year! Maxim’s Caregiver of the Year award recognizes nurses, caregivers and behavioral health professionals who embody our values and demonstrate excellence with their patients and communities. Throughout her time working in the Kansas City office, Tina has received several awards that recognize her reliability and service.

Tina Paradise-Hall headshotTina has been described as having a natural ability to make patients and families feel at ease. She excels in areas of trustworthiness, competence and passion for her job. Recruitment Operations Manager, Amy Anderson, explained, “the way [Tina’s] face lit up when she spoke about her patient gave me such a warm feeling inside.”

Tina cares for her patient Sammy, a 5-year-old boy who has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. When his care escalated, she improved her skillset to continue caring for him. She originally attended school with Sammy until he caught pneumonia and later discharged with a tracheostomy tube and home ventilator.

One of Tina’s biggest accomplishments since caring for Sammy was when she taught him how to use a communication device. This gave him a voice that he did not have before and opened up many doors for him to connect with her and his family. She advocated for him in school and he was able to engage in the same curriculum as the rest of his classmates. He earned straight A’s last year because of this care from Tina. Sammy’s family was overjoyed to learn she was receiving this award, “she is an amazing influence on his life and we will be forever grateful for the care she has provided him and our family.”

In 2021, Tina experienced a massive personal loss, but according to her office, “she never let it affect her performance or reliability.” She experienced two more personal losses in 2023, including the loss of a longtime patient, but continued to persevere. Tina says she “finds the strength and motivation to get up for work every day through these kids.”

Tina is one of four regional winners selected from hundreds of nominations across the country. One of our regional winners will be chosen as the National Caregiver of the Year at this year’s award ceremony. Watch Tina’s video to learn more about how she dedicates her life to caregiving.

*Patient information and likeness featured with the consent of the patient/family*

We are excited to announce that Tina Paradise-Hall was named the 2023 Caregiver of the Year. Maxim’s Chief Executive Office, Jarrod DePriest commented, “Tina makes such a difference in the lives of her patients and their families every day. We deeply admire Tina’s dedication to providing compassionate, holistic in-home care and we are thrilled to present her with this much-deserved recognition.”

Congratulations Tina!