Maxim Healthcare Services is proud to recognize Vijenti “VJ” Naiker as the 2023 Behavioral Caregiver of the Year. The Caregiver of the Year program recognizes Maxim nurses, caregivers and behavioral health professionals who embody our values and demonstrate excellence with their patients or in their communities.

VJ works as an Intensive Behavior Support Provider out of our Emeryville, CA, Behavioral office and has been with Maxim for five years. The intensive behavioral support (IBS) program is specifically designed for individuals with developmental delays and behavioral disorders. Often, program participants struggle with aggression or self-injury. Since joining the team, VJ has served more than five clients, including some high-acuity clients with extensive needs and problem behaviors. She embraced each new case with a smile and readiness to serve – showing compassion, care and respect for the client and their family.

Currently, VJ is providing care to Jason Chandler, a 38-year-old with developmental delays. Her support extends beyond helping Jason with daily tasks and participating in activities like the Special Olympics. VJ’s presence and assistance also gives Penny, Jason’s mom, the much-needed respite to care for herself and her other son. Penny’s heartfelt words, “She has such a big heart. She cares in the way that she listens, and she understands and she validates [that] Jason has feelings…VJ comes in and takes over these behaviors and these things that are going on in the house and I can relax. Sometimes I feel like I can breathe. It’s just that simple,” truly capture the profound impact of VJ’s care on their lives.

VJ has won the Emeryville office’s Monthly Star Award multiple times due to the quality of her work in the field and her interactions with team members in the office. Claire Palmer, Business Development Manager, shared, “VJ is an incredibly hard worker and has made a huge difference in the lives of many people. She is a rock of support. She is ethical and client-focused 100% of the time.”

She is one of four regional winners selected from hundreds of nominations from Maxim offices across the country. At this year’s awards ceremony, one of our winners will be named the National Caregiver of the Year.

Watch the video to learn about how VJ provides care to individuals with developmental and behavioral disorders.

*Patient information and likeness featured with the consent of the patient/family*