Jaime Guzman Honored for Life-Enriching Care of Patients 

COLUMBIA, Maryland– Licensed Practical Nurse Jaime Guzman has been named a Regional Caregiver of the Year by Maxim Healthcare Services (Maxim), a national provider of home healthcare, personal and behavioral care.

Guzman was selected by a panel of judges for his impactful contributions to the home healthcare community. This honorable recognition is part of Maxim’s Caregiver of the Year Award program, which celebrates nurses, home healthcare aides, and behavioral direct care workers. These employees play a vital role in providing compassionate, holistic care to our patients, both those who are medically fragile and those who require behavioral and community support.

“Jaime is a servant leader who every day is making a difference in the lives of his patients and their families,” said Justin Green, Operations Manager of the local Maxim office. “We are incredibly proud to have Jaime as part of the Maxim team and we congratulate him for this much deserved recognition.”

Serving Maxim for more than 15 years, Guzman exemplifies the company’s mission to enhance the quality of life in the communities he serves. He is known for his work ethic, is well-liked by his patients and he is consistently going out of his way to help others. One of Guzman’s current patients who he has worked with since 2013 is dependent on using a ventilator, trach and G/J-tube. The family deeply appreciated Guzman’s approach to care for their loved one because he treated this individual as a person rather than just as a patient. The bond between Guzman, his patient and the family went beyond just caregiving as they established a relationship built on trust, respect and care. In 2022, Guzman was given the honor of escorting his patient across the stage so he could receive his high school diploma.

“Jaime exemplifies the values and mission of Maxim Healthcare,” said Lori Piper, the Maxim Clinical Manager who nominated Jaime, “What stands out the most about Jaime is the quality care he provides to his patient. He has shown that by just being himself he can make a big difference in the life of this young man, which is what Maxim is all about.”

In addition to providing quality patient care, Guzman has also been instrumental in training Novice Nurses. He has played a vital role in this program and his instruction reaches far beyond his own patients. Under his careful instruction and training, more nurses have been qualified to care for patients who are on a ventilator.

Guzman is one of four regional award winners and was selected from hundreds of nominations from across the country. He will be presented with the award during a ceremony on September 19, 2023, where the company will also announce the national winner who will receive Maxim’s John “Doc” Langley National Caregiver of the Year Award.

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