Tina Swoda Honored for Life-Enriching Care of Veterans 

COLUMBIA, Maryland– Licensed Vocational Nurse Tina Swoda has been named a Regional Caregiver of the Year by Maxim Healthcare Services (Maxim), a national provider of home healthcare, personal and behavioral care.

Swoda was selected by a panel of judges for her impactful contributions to the home healthcare community. This honorable recognition is part of Maxim’s Caregiver of the Year Award program, which celebrates nurses, home healthcare aides, and behavioral direct care workers. These employees play a vital role in providing compassionate, holistic care to our patients, both those who are medically fragile and those who require behavioral and community support.

“Tina’s compassion and commitment to caring for the Veteran community is truly remarkable,” said Ahmad Abderrahman, Sr. Business Development Manager in the local Maxim office. “She makes such a difference in the lives of her patients and their families every day, and we are incredibly proud of her for this much deserved recognition.”

With “Nurse for ALS Veterans” as her email signature, Swoda has fully dedicated her nursing career to serving Veterans diagnosed with ALS as a compassionate advocate and caregiver. She not only prides herself on the care she provides to her patients, but she also works closely with the Maxim office clinical team training new nurses. She has served as the primary facilitator for three Skills Advancement trainings and has successfully trained more nurses than can be counted.

“Tina is one of the best nurses I have ever worked with,” said Jennifer Havins, Clinical Supervisor “I deeply admire her passion and willingness to always help others, whether that’s caring for her clients or helping her colleagues.”

Swoda’s first ALS Veteran patient suffered from anxiety and panic attacks due to his disease, but Swoda was able to make him feel relaxed and comfortable while she provided care. Her unwavering dedication to her patients was seen in this case when the same patient contracted COVID-19 and she continued to provide care while taking safety precautions.

Swoda is one of four regional award winners and was selected from hundreds of nominations from across the country. She will be presented with the award during a ceremony on September 19, 2023, where the company will also announce the national winner who will receive Maxim’s John “Doc” Langley National Caregiver of the Year Award.

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