Today you’ll hear from Braeton Maurer, an Operations Manager in Maxim’s Greenville, North Carolina office. Braeton plays an integral part in bringing quality care to our communities. In this article, she shares her journey to Maxim and why she enjoys being a part of the team.

Work really was just a word and a place with four walls until I met the team at Maxim Healthcare Services. Just under three years ago, I was a new college grad (believe me, May 2020 wasn’t fun for any of us). Like many others around me, I found myself thrown into the MASSIVE unemployment pool with little to no courage as I scoured Indeed and LinkedIn looking for ANY opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic in the fall of 2020. From the moment I began the application process through now, the employees and professionals at Maxim have always gone the extra mile for anyone they come into contact with (patients, caregivers and applicants alike).

Though I have held four positions in my time with Maxim, Operations Manager has been my FAVORITE THUS FAR! My other roles in my first two years include Healthcare Recruiter, Recruiter Lead, and Business Development Manager. During my early days with Maxim, I remember being drawn to a culture that constantly promoted recognition, appreciation, inclusivity and diversity!

As the Operations Manager out of the Greenville, NC office, I serve as the local office leader that partners with the leader for each crucial job family (Recruitment, Field Support, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and Clinical) to carry out our daily mission to care, serve and enrich lives! In addition, I love being able to constantly contribute to creating a culture that resonates with employees, much like it did in my early days with Maxim!

While I wear many hats, my main responsibilities are to help provide the resources, tools, guidance and advice to navigate any situation that may pop up on a daily basis! On a larger scale, I work with my leadership partners to develop, implement and drive the strategies and goals we implement at the local and organizational levels (with the help of many snacks and milkshakes)!

I love the emphasis on truly living up to the standard of servant leadership, where we continuously give to others and fuel our fires through growth and learning opportunities! Some of my favorite trainings thus far have been the Tenured Recruiter Training and the Business Development Essentials Training, and this October, I am looking forward to joining my corporate partners for our NEW Leadership Essentials Training! Another perk of working with Maxim is serving as a coach to many individuals while constantly networking with my mentors and mentees through Maxim’s Learning and Development Team Events, classes and trainings.

I will never be able to say thank you enough to Maxim Healthcare Services. I have found a community that supports me through the toughest of personal life struggles and celebrates my wins at every opportunity. The ability to look forward to work every single day is a blessing that I still often find unbelievable – yet it’s not hard to leave with a smile on your face when you see our hard work’s impact on our patients and families who need that care the most! While we work tremendously hard for our patients day in and day out, we also preach work-life balance! One thing Team Greenville does is an Internal Quarterly Event – our most recent adventures included a hand-painted mug swap, hatchet throwing, and bowling! We live by the phrase: Work Hard, Play Hard!

To anyone looking to take the leap of faith, my advice is to go ahead and submit the application! We can’t wait to meet you! Below, I have included the link where you can view our local and national job opportunities!

Visit our careers site for more information!