This November, we celebrate our nation’s veterans and their families through National Veterans and Military Families Month and Veterans Day.

Veterans Day started as “Armistice Day” in 1918, a recognition of the end of World War I, then known as “The Great War.” By 1954, the United States had fought both World War II and the Korean War, and America’s veterans wanted an updated holiday to honor the sacrifices of all the wars. In 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower signed Public Law 380 – officially designating November 11 as a day to honor veterans of all wars.

Recently, on October 31, 2023, President Joseph Biden proclaimed November as National Veterans and Military Families Month, a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions of our military families.

As we honor the 18.4 million U.S. veterans this month, we understand that many struggle to find meaningful employment after separating from military service. Facing unemployment is a financial and emotional strain on both veterans and their families.

For some veterans, healthcare may be a great career option that allows them to use their soft skills such as loyalty, honesty and strong work ethic. In this article, we’ll explore veterans’ post-service opportunities and how Maxim’s new military occupational search feature can help connect our veterans to home healthcare opportunities.

Veterans struggle with job placement after military service

About 200,000 service members enter civilian life each year, and only one in four have a job lined up. Despite some government services designed to ease the transition from military to civilian life, many veterans have difficulty translating their skills and experiences into the corporate landscape. Military job descriptions often differ from civilian ones and emphasize different skill sets.

Unemployment is a significant problem in the veteran community. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2022, there were 250,000 unemployed veterans in the U.S., over half of whom were between the ages of 25 and 54. Despite having robust skill sets, many veterans need help finding long-term employment.

Connecting veterans to healthcare opportunities at Maxim

At Maxim, we employ veterans across the organization – from nurses to business development managers and headquarters team members – our veteran employees bring commitment to the organization and their work. Some team members work with veteran populations, allowing them to give back to their peers.

To help veterans find new opportunities in home healthcare, Maxim has launched a new military code search tool on our careers site. The tool allows service members to input their military occupation specialty code in a search bar, which returns jobs that require skills similar to the ones they developed in the service.

Our military code search tool accepts the following:

  • United States Army and United States Marine Military Occupational Specialties (MOS codes)
  • United States Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC)
  • United States Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC codes)

Hear from a veteran and Maxim employee

Jaime Guzman, Maxim Healthcare Services’ 2022 South Region Caregiver of the Year, is a former medic who has been a Maxim nurse for 16 years. In his time with Maxim, Jaime has cared for one of our high acuity patients and trained our Novice Nurses. Hear more about Jaime’s commitment and time at Maxim:

Maxim Healthcare Services is a nationwide provider of home healthcare, behavioral and personal care services. Visit our careers site to try out our new military search tool and learn more about life at Maxim. We have positions open across the organization. Take the next step in your career with Maxim!