For those needing expert medical care not accessible to them in their home country, the United States is often an ideal choice. But healing can extend beyond hospital walls with Maxim on hand to provide compassionate and qualified nurses and caregivers for visitors’ at-home needs while they recuperate abroad.

How it works

Maxim Healthcare Services works with embassies and local hospital systems to place nurses or caregivers with international visitors in need of care. We have experience working directly with embassies to negotiate reimbursement and obtain the Letter of Guarantee. Our services can last from a few weeks to years, depending on the individual’s needs.

Respecting and bridging cultural and language differences is essential to us. Maxim provides 24/7 translator assistance services encompassing over 240 languages for caregivers, patients and families. In addition, our employees complete cultural sensitivity training as a part of their annual compliance training.

Home healthcare services

Maxim’s team of nurses, therapists and home health aides provide comprehensive care and support in the comfort of a home-like setting. We work with patients, families and physicians to implement effective care plans.

For patients who need more intensive care, our skilled care services include private duty nursing, tracheostomy and ventilator management, enteral care, complex intravenous therapy management, intermittent skilled nursing and therapy visits. Our unskilled personal care services cater to seniors, those recovering from injury or operations, new or expectant parents and those who need a little extra help. Our caregivers can help with mobility assistance, meal preparation, housekeeping and other tasks.

Our caregivers undergo thorough screening before employment, including background checks, reference checks, license verifications and a formal orientation.

Rashed’s story

Rashed is one patient who has been able to benefit from these services. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates, Rashed and his father, Saqr, traveled over 7,000 miles to The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD, in 2011, where doctors confirmed his acute health issues. In 2014, they traveled to Pittsburgh, PA, to meet with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center doctors, and in 2019 he received a double lung transplant at the Children’s Hospital – Pittsburgh. After adverse effects from medications and contracting COVID-19, Rashed required a second double lung transplant, which he received in July 2022.

In November 2022, Maxim’s Pittsburgh office was contacted to provide private duty nursing care to aid his recovery. With the help of Maxim’s Military & Federal Team, the Pittsburgh Transition Team was able to open his case within a week and fill all of the requested nursing hours within his temporary home. This was Rashed’s first experience with private duty nursing care, and his health has improved tremendously as a result.

In order for Rashed and Saqr to return home, Rashed needs to continue to build his muscles, gain weight and have his gastrostomy tube (g-tube) removed. With the help of his nurses, he goes on walks daily, attends medical appointments and explores the Pittsburgh area.

Maxim Healthcare Services is proud to serve Rashed and his family! We look forward to making a difference in the future by providing excellent service and compassionate care to those in need locally and internationally.

Maxim’s services vary by location. Reach out to your local Maxim office for more information on the services available near you.

*Patient information and likeness used with permission*