Maxim Healthcare Service’s Novice Nurse Training Program provides a year of hands-on learning and support to RNs, LPNs and LVNs with less than one year of experience. It gives nurses the confidence they need to provide patient care independently and opens the door to various leadership positions within the company.

This week we’re talking to Sophia Oteiza, RN – a Clinical Manager in Massachusetts. Sophia began her Maxim career as a Novice Nurse and worked her way through the ranks to her current role.

What drew you to the Novice Nurse program?

The Novice Nurse program piqued my interest because it allowed me to learn critical care nursing skills immediately upon graduating from nursing school. I was drawn by the opportunity to work in the home care setting because of the challenge and chance to provide quality intensive care to patients in their homes to improve their quality of life.

The potential to make a significant positive impact on a person’s health was incredibly motivating. I was also drawn to the specialized knowledge and skills that the Novice Nurse program provided and guidance from clinical leadership in the office.

What was your major takeaway from your experience as a Novice Nurse?

My major takeaway from working as a novice nurse in the program was that caring for patients in the homecare setting is an incredibly rewarding but complex and challenging experience. At times being involved so intimately in patient care in the home can tug on your emotions; however, it is an area that thrives on teamwork, collaboration and professional learning. The Novice Nurse program provided me with the skills I needed to advance in my career, including critical decision-making, problem-solving and working autonomously in the nursing field.

Tell us about your career development from Novice Nurse to Clinical Leader.

I started out as a Novice Nurse working at the bedside. I was fortunate to have supportive clinical leadership who facilitated my professional development. To advance my clinical experience, I continued advancing my education by challenging myself daily and stepping out of my comfort zone.

How has your experience in Clinical Leadership been?

Working as a clinical leader has been the most rewarding part of my nursing career thus far. As a Clinical Manager, I promote quality and safe patient care by facilitating skills advancement for Novice Nurses. I can relate due to my own career trajectory! It is so rewarding to help facilitate and nurture a nurse’s interest in home health care. I also have the amazing benefit of working with awesome operations, field support and clinical teams!

What advice do you have for nursing students or new grads?

My advice for nursing students or new graduates who aspire to work in home health care is to start at the bedside and develop excellent nursing skills by providing quality nursing care. Seek opportunities to collaborate and partner with peers and colleagues so you can keep developing and improving. Embrace your potential and continue to strive for excellence in every patient encounter.

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