Are you an aspiring Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professional looking to take the next step in your career? You’ve come to the right place! This post will explore Maxim’s ABA professional development opportunities and you’ll hear from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst! From supervised fieldwork, university partnerships and mentorship opportunities, Maxim offers a variety of resources for those seeking to strengthen their skills and progress in their careers.

ABA Professional Development Opportunities

Maxim provides a range of resources to help ABA professionals advance their careers. We provide the requisite hours, tools and credentialing required to help you gain licenses. Maxim provides the supervised fieldwork opportunities needed for national BCBA certifications free of charge to qualified employees.

We partner with universities and colleges to significantly reduce the cost of select degree programs for Maxim Healthcare team members and caregivers – this includes waivers for application fees, personalized coaching, and potential direct delayed billing. Through our partnerships with Capella University and National University, individuals in the behavioral care field can access educational programs.

Maxim can train, employ and develop all levels of ABA professions including behavior technicians, assistant behavior analysts and BCBAs.

Making the leap from Tech to BCBA

Jacquelyn, a Clinical Supervisor in Maxim’s Tacoma, Washington office, has had first-hand experience with the career development opportunities available to behavioral employees. In her seven years with Maxim, she has worked as a behavior technician, lead behavior technician and BCBA.

Jacquelyn’s interest in behavioral care started early in her career. She started her professional life working in a clinic for early learners. “It was rewarding and the first BCBA ignited a curiosity in behavior analysis for me. It was great to see the increases in adaptive [behavior] and communication as well as decreases in maladaptive behavior.”

Her interest in joining Maxim was driven by the chance to learn from experienced ABA professionals. “I was excited about the opportunity to learn from so many clinical supervisors across environments – schools, homes and social skills environments.” Her first role in Maxim was as a behavior technician working in patient homes and schools. While she finished her graduate school studies, she worked as a lead behavior technician, and in 2018 she became a BCBA clinical supervisor, responsible for overseeing midlevel supervisors and BTs.

Jacquelyn’s average day consists of catching up on administrative tasks, meeting with and supervising behavior technicians and overlapping with her LABAs. She also participates in parent meetings and care coordination meetings throughout the month. She reports that the most rewarding parts of her job are showing parents the upward trends in their children’s progress and teaching midlevel supervisors.

Opportunities for every stage of your career

Take the next step in your career with Maxim Healthcare Services! We provide compassionate and effective behavioral care in home, school and community-based environments. Our ABA care uses a flexible, empathy-based approach tailored to children’s individual needs.

We are hiring ABA professionals of all levels in several states. Visit our careers site to see open positions and learn more about Maxim’s culture.

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