At Maxim Healthcare Services, our culture thrives on helping others. Our nurses and caregivers dedicate themselves to providing compassionate care to our patients at home, and our office team members work to connect families to the right caregivers and support our mission. Part of the way we encourage our team members to serve their communities is through Maxim Service Day.

Maxim Service Day

Maxim Service Day is an opportunity offered to our team members that allows them to take time off work to participate in community service or volunteer work. Our team members often use their service days as a group, but individuals can volunteer with organizations independently. Employees may use their service day at any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Ellee’s story

Maxim employees at FiftyForwardEllee, a recruiter in Maxim’s Nashville office, chose to spend her Maxim Service Day volunteering at the FiftyForward Friends Community Center. This non-profit organization helps adults over 50 years old in Middle Tennessee stay engaged through educational, wellness and social activity. Ellee and several other recruiters and client coordinators from the Nashville office assisted with bingo by assisting attendees with their bingo cards, passing out prizes and leading the game. After the game, the volunteers helped with snack time and socialized with the attendees.

“Many of them expressed how grateful they were to have us there and spend time with them. It was such a positive experience and I left with a smile on my face, knowing I made at least a few people’s day.”

The biggest takeaway from Ellee’s volunteer experience was the importance of community support, “The group at ‘FiftyForward Friends’ really are friends and truly enjoy spending their time together every day. Additionally, people form the community make activities like bingo possible by donating games, prizes and their time.”

Lorraine’s story

Maxim employees at the Houston Food Bank

Lorraine, a Recruitment Operations Manager in Houston, spent her Maxim Service Day volunteering with the Houston Food Bank. Around 1 million individuals in the 18 southeast Texas counties lack consistent access to nutritious food. To address this issue, the food bank provides food and other essentials to those in need through a network of more than 1,600 community partners. Houston Food Bank also offers programs and services to help families achieve long-term stability, including nutrition education, job training, health management and securing state-funded assistance.

“[My Service Day experience] was very fulfilling. Everyone at the facility has such a passion for service. They made it so enjoyable and took the time to let us know how we made an impact during our shift. The small tasks we did made a HUGE difference. Our shift was able to unpack 23 palettes which was over 700 lbs. of food that will feed 15 people three meals a day for a year! We set the record!

Lorraine’s most significant takeaway from her volunteer experience was the extent of the need in the community, “It was eye opening to see how many parcels of groceries needed to be sorted through. It puts into perspective how many people are facing adversity that need those items. It was very moving. We would love to go back to volunteer.”

Maxim career opportunities

Do you want to be a part of an organization that cares about our communities? We’re always hiring! Visit our Careers site to see our open jobs and learn more about our culture and benefits. We have several programs that cater to students and new graduates and provide various continuing education opportunities to caregivers and team members. If you’re still considering a career at Maxim, you can join our Talent Community to receive tailored job recommendations.

*Employee names and photos used with permission*