Are you a nurse considering transitioning from adult to pediatric nursing? Look no further than Maxim’s adult-to-Pediatric training program! Our program is specifically designed for nurses who are ready to take their skills and experience from adult care settings and sharpen them for a career of caring for children. With online, skills labs and in-home training and personalized mentorship from our clinical management team, our program will equip you with the necessary knowledge to become a successful pediatric nurse.

Adult-to-pediatric care training

At Maxim, we take pride in the knowledge, skills and continued development of our employees. We offer several in-person and online skills training opportunities that allow our caregivers to expand their skill sets. Our programs include ventilator management, tracheostomy management and adult-to-pediatric training.

The adult-to-pediatric crossover training program is uniquely tailored to each individual learner’s needs, and includes online, in-office skills lab and in-home one-to-training with a qualified mentor.

It provides an excellent opportunity to become familiar with pediatric nursing in the safety of a learning environment supported by experienced field pediatric nurses as well as our clinical management team. Our training not only expands your options for assignment among the Maxim patient population; it opens new career opportunities and diversification to your professional nursing experience and resume.

Program requirements

Program participants must hold an RN or LPN/LVN license in good standing and have a successful interview with one of our experienced clinical managers. When you complete your application and begin the onboarding process, let your office know that you are interested in participating in the adult-to-pediatric training.

What you’ll learn

The program focuses on taking the skills you’ve honed with adult patients and translating them into the skills you’ll need to focus on children. You’ll learn about common illnesses, completing physical assessments, caring for children with special needs, enteral feeding, tracheostomy and ventilator management (if preferred) and more!

Some training modules include:

  • Caring for a child with disabilities in the home and school settings
  • Physical and neurological assessment of an infant, child or toddler
  • Pediatric patient diagnosis
  • Equipment in the home; tracheostomies, feeding tubes, gastronomy (GT), jejunostomy (JT), nasogastric (NG) tubes and ventilators
  • Pediatric medication management
  • Transitioning patients from the hospital/facility to home

After the training has been completed you will be matched with your first pediatric patient. You will work with your assigned mentor for a designated number of hours while you acclimate to the new role. Once your assigned hours have been met, you will be able to work independently with oversight and support from clinical staff.

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