As an active duty service member, moving to a new duty station can bring about a mix of emotions: excitement for new opportunities mixed with the stress and logistical challenges of uprooting yourself and your family. One aspect that may be causing additional concern is how to transfer home health services to your new location.

In this article, we will discuss how Maxim can help you transition care services to your new duty station, our TRICARE coverage area and some helpful resources for families. Our goal is to ease some of your worries so that you can focus on what matters most — serving our country while keeping yourself and your family healthy.

What is a permanent change of station?

More than 400,000 service members make a permanent change of station each year, with most moves taking place between May and August. Unlike temporary duty assignments, permanent change of station (PCS) orders generally require relocation for two to four years. Your orders will outline whether you will move CONUS, inside the continental United States, OCONUS, or outside the continental United States.

For service members with a family member with exceptional needs who receives private duty nursing through TRICARE’s ECHO program, or other home healthcare services – moving to a new duty station also means finding a new home health provider or figuring out how to transfer those services.

How can Maxim Healthcare Services help with the transition?

Maxim Healthcare Services is a leading provider of long-term complex home healthcare services. Our highly-trained clinicians specialize in treating pediatric patients with special healthcare needs, including tube feeding, seizure disorders, complex medication management, tracheostomy and ventilator care.

We provide care to Active duty service members and their families by accepting TRICARE across both regions and through most US Family Health Plan contractors. The Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) Program offers services beyond those offered by TRICARE, benefiting family members who meet specific eligibility criteria and have been diagnosed with moderate or severe intellectual disability, severe physical disability or an extraordinary physical or psychological condition.

Through the ECHO Home Healthcare (EHHC) program, Maxim provides supplemental services to the family members of Active duty service members with mental or physical disabilities, including:

  • Private duty nursing care – up to 24 hours a day
  • Medical and non-medical respite services
  • Part-time and intermittent skilled services
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA) services under the Autism Care (in select locations)

With more than 150 offices across both TRICARE regions, you can rely on us to ensure a smooth transition of care. In 2023, we served 1,003 TRICARE patients, 607 of them ECHO/EHHC patients. We proudly provided 614,343 hours of care to our ECHO/EHHC clients.

Maxim’s transfer services

Maxim has staff available to help you manage the transition of care to a new duty station. Parents of children with healthcare needs and case managers can use the contact information below to get immediate nationwide support.

[email protected]

Phone: 855-444-2916

Fax: 855-444-2917

PCS family resources

Moving Your Personal Property

  • This Military OneSource resource provides personal property customer service contacts, personal property resources and the defense personal property system.

Plan my move

  • Online tool that helps you create, organize and manage your PCS through customized checklists

Relocation Assistance Program

  • Installation-specific information and support for new residents. You can find pre-departure briefings, newcomer orientations, job opportunities, childcare, school liaisons and more.

Maxim Healthcare Services is a leading provider of home healthcare services, including private duty nursing, personal care and respite care, for active duty service members and their families. Contact your local Maxim office to learn more about the services available near you!