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Consumer Fraud Alerts

In recent years, our organization has seen an increase in reports of phishing attacks and identity theft scams where fraudsters are impersonating Maxim and its representatives in order to gain access to personal information and accounts of their targets. While we cannot prevent these types of scams/activities from being perpetrated against our company and individuals in the community, we are committed to our continued efforts in working to bring awareness to these issues.

We ask that you contact us at [email protected] or at 410-910-4089 if you have received something suspicious in Maxim’s name.

Additional information on how to recognize and avoid phishing can be found through the Federal Trade Commission at

Employment scam

Maxim has received multiple reports from individuals who were approached through email or text messaging by unknown individuals/fraudsters, representing themselves as executives and recruiters for Maxim. Based on the information we have obtained from victims of these efforts, the imposters are using Maxim’s name to create fake accounts and job postings for a variety of positions (e.g. graphic designers, technical support services, customer service representatives) on community job boards (e.g. LinkedIn, Career Builder, Indeed, Monster). Individuals responding to these fake posts were solicited to participate in virtual interviews with fraudsters claiming to be members of our Executive Team and some even received offer letters asking them to submit payment or account information in order to “purchase” equipment needed for a fake “work from home” position.

We are working diligently behind the scenes to have these postings removed and to have the email accounts associated with these postings deleted. We have also reported these concerns to law enforcement.

Please note that Maxim recruiters will always use their company email when communicating with candidates ([email protected]). They will never use a personal email account ([email protected],, etc.). Inquiries showing e-mail addresses other than the domain are not valid communications from Maxim. To verify the legitimacy of any job openings, please refer to our job postings at

Fraudulent unemployment claims

Maxim has seen an increase in fraudulent claims for Unemployment Insurance being filed using the names and social security numbers of Maxim employees. To ensure all claims we receive are valid, we are reaching out to affected individuals to verify these claims before they are acted upon.

In the event you receive notice of a fraudulent claim filed in your name, we encourage you to notify the IRS of this fraudulent claim by filing an Identity Theft Affidavit(IRS Form 14039) through We would also suggest reporting this matter to one of the major credit bureaus and the Federal Trade Commission at The FTC site will walk you through the process of placing fraud alerts on your credit and closing fraudulent accounts opened in your name. This will also produce an FTC Identity Theft Report that you can use to clear fraudulent information from your credit reports. Lastly, we would suggest following up with the Department of Labor in your State and local law enforcement.

Notice of data privacy incident

Maxim Healthcare Services is notifying certain individuals of a recent event that may impact the privacy of a limited amount of personal and/or medical information. Maxim Healthcare is unaware of any misuse of individual information and is providing notice to potentially affected individuals out of an abundance of caution.

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